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This is the worst frozen dinner I have ever tried to eat. It is tasteless, soggy, and unevenly cooked.

This kind of meal is a big reason for obesity. If this is what a healthy frozen quick dinner tastes like, it is no wonder people buy fast food.

I purchased this dinner to have on hand for myself and my husband. He is unable to eat many foods . We are both in our 70s and cannot get out often to buy prepared foods.

Meals which require extensive shopping or preparation are difficult for us. I will never buy a healthy choice dinner again.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1303887

Completely unsatisfied. Bought a general tso's meal.

Husband was jabbed in the gumline by an inch long bone in the meat and suffered an abcess from it. Still on antibiotics and in considerable mouth pain.

I have pictures of the bone. Shouldnt have to search your meal for bones prior to eating.

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